Chocolate Easter Egg Nests

Hope you are all prepped for your Easter weekend ahead! Here’s a sneak peak into what I’ll be snacking on over the next few days.

My flat mate returned home today with two shopping bags stuffed full of goodies. Corn Flakes, chocolate, sultanas, marshmallows and Mini Eggs… Hmm I wonder what he had in mind!?

CHOCOLATE EASTER EGG NESTS!!!! (can you tell I’m excited?)


Step 1 – break up and melt chocolate over a pan of hot water

Step 2 – add ALL the ingredients

Step 3 – mix well

Step 4 – nibble on leftover marshmallows


Step 5 – spoon into cases

Step 6 – add 3 Mini Eggs to each in the middle of the nest

Step 7 – leave to set


Step 8 – Lick the bowl clean – Check!

And there you go, the finished product, Tada!


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