Cake all round

What an amazing little shop, I thought these patisseries only existed on mainland Europe so you can image my excitement when my friend took me here to order her birthday cake! I have a major sweet tooth, much to my dentists disapproval, and a love for the little tartletts filled with fruit!


For those of you interested, the Sicilian Bakery is on Albert Street just off Elm Row in Edinburgh. We managed to go on a beautiful sunny day and just look at the display of pastries, all of which are made in house. Making a choice was not easy…


I went for a traditional Sicilian Cornetti (above, right) filled with crème patisserie, while my friend Zee trialled a slice of what her birthday cake was going to taste like (I may have stolen a bite of hers too…)


And here’s the cake which we devoured a couple weeks later at her birthday party in dragonfly (check back on Tuesday to hear all about her birthday cocktails).

Next on the bakery list was Dough Re Mi. I walk past it on Gillespie Place every time I go to work. One of the few reasons I enjoy getting up early for a morning shift is because I can smell the freshly baked bread as I walk past and there are floury footprints all over the pavement leading to the delivery van outside.


Their shop is so quaint and adorable, it has that shabby chic feel to it which I absolutely love. Add in the smell of fresh bread and their cupcake displays and your mouth will be watering!


There are quite literally cupcakes EVERYWHERE!!!

No matter where you look there will be cupcakes on show, and some pretty impressive ones too. They had all sorts of decorations on them; flowers, butterflies, edible pearls, some were even in teacups. I highly advise you check out their online gallery here it’s impressive!

I saved my favourite for last, check out the cupcake towers!!!


I walked away a very happy bunny with four cupcakes in hand to take on my trip to Hereford, 2 raspberry meringue and 2 chocolate granache freshly iced. I think its safe to say they didn’t last long and that they tasted just as good, if not better, than they looked. They had the perfect icing to cupcake ratio too! I will definitely be paying Dough Re Mi another visit.

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