Neilson beach club – Adakoy

It’s not often we find ourselves in a position where we have both spare time and a little extra cash lying around, so this summer when my friend said that she wanted to go back to Turkey but didn’t have anyone to go with, I decided this would be a great opportunity and offered my company. We booked up and jetted off to the beautiful island of Adakoy.

We were taken by boat from the main town of Marmaris which was a bustle of English pubs and neon lights to our little sanctuary. An island connected only by a thin strip of land surrounded by lush green mountains, water which twinkled and a series of small house like buildings which formed our hotel. You’d never have guessed the two places were only a 20min boat ride apart.

Having arrived in resort we were shown to our rooms and had the rest of the day to check out the island and explore. After a long day travelling my tummy was rumbling but boy was I in for a treat. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all served in a buffet style and oh what a display it was. After the first meal I decided it would be wiser to take teeny tiny portions of everything just so that I could try it all without getting full!! Buffet desserts is definitely the way forward I feel.

There were two nights where dinner wasn’t included, allowing the hotel guests to hop on the water taxi over to Marmaris and try out some of the ‘local’ restaurants. I use the term loosely because I would not class most of them as serving authentic Turkish food. Especially their steak pies and fish and chips! However there were a few spots which looked less commercialised and these were the gems that we tried to hunt out. However the photo below does actually show bruschetta and deep fried ice-cream, it just looked so good!

Back in resort and time for Booze and Balls…

Yup that’s right, tennis racket in one hand and pint in the other! I may have cheated slightly though, not being a beer drinker I swapped in for cider but being in a bottle I was far less likely to have spillage penalties. The game generally involved tennis balls flying in all directions and lots and lots of drinking. Drinking for missing the ball. For hitting it out of bounds. For spilling your beverage or just because really!

Having sobered up markedly from the night before we went round and took all of your typical holiday snaps. This meant going round the activities and trying to get a shot of each. Neilson run a brilliant holiday program where everything is included and you can sign up to as much or as little as you want and they cater to all sorts of abilities. They had everything from mountain biking to sailing to windsurfing, Pilates, tennis, wake boarding, yoga, volleyball, kayaking and I’m sure there were some others in there too.

Our favourite was easily wakeboarding and we managed to get in a cheeky set or two every day. Having not done it for three years I started off pretty shaky but by the end of the holiday I was doing pontoon starts and attempting backside surface 180s along with actually getting some (if only a little) air over the wake. Unfortunately the picture on the left isn’t me, that was one of the reps, but I’m there on the right doing a little jump after battling with my natural reactions not to absorb the jump like I would as a skier on snow!

Exhausted from all the activities we decided to take a little break and explore the mainland.

Above, me posing in one of the backstreets by the castle in Marmaris.

Below, Shell outside the very expensive Vogue jewellery shop.

And this one was taken by the resident professional photographer on the meet and greet mixer night. I even got a shot of his camera later in the week. My conclusion, big cameras are fun! Very heavy though.

Another of the evening activities was the swimming pool Olympics, I’m pretty sure the staff enjoyed this one as much as the guests! We were asked to pick teams as to who we thought would win each event. There was a gladiator battle off resulting in some huge splashes. A kayak tug of war and a water chariot race along with other events. Each one progressively more entertaining as by this point the guests had got to know the reps and the cheering was being fuelled by drinks from the nearby pool bar. The events finished with a grand display off the staff doing their showiest dives and flips into the pool, and one very painful looking belly flop!

The last night came around fast and as I took one last look over the evening skyline I was glad I’d had such an amazing opportunity come my way.

Nelson Holidays, I will be back! Maybe Greece next time…


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