Hopetoun House Guy Fawkes Night

Remember, remember the 5th of November. As Folklore goes, it’s the date in time which Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Parliament buildings in London. His failure to do so celebrated every year in Britain by building the largest bonfires you can imagine and setting them alight usually with a scarecrow imitation on top to represent Fawkes. This is followed by huge firework displays, playing the part of the gun powder which Fawkes used. Although his didn’t lead to magnificent rainbows of explosions.

Whether the tale is true or not and how factually correct the information is, it’s an occasion that I’d love to share with you anyway. It’s a date in our calendar that communities gather in local spaces and adults natter and children run round with sparklers. This year my sisters and I went to the grand estate of Hopetoun House just outside Edinburgh in South Queensferry. The estate itself is occupied by the Hope clan, I haven’t found a family connection yet but one day I will convince them that I’m one of them!!

Anyway check out the photos below and enjoy…

20131130-094316.jpg 20131130-093726.jpg 20131130-093739.jpg 20131130-093752.jpg 20131130-094035.jpg 20131130-094044.jpg 20131130-094236.jpg 20131130-094250.jpg

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