Ice Versus Fire Photo-shoot


When I arrived on location and was sat down to be painted in various shades of blue, I definitely thought I was about to be made into an Avatar! As it all came together and was shaped into points with additional black detail I started to feel less like an Avatar and more like…. someone that’s just been painted blue I guess!?


The painting took a while, there was lots of detail and of course there was also hair and makeup to be done. So I tried to sit as still as I could and be very patient while the professionals made me look amazing.  This of course required lots and lots of kit, only half of which fits in the photo below!


And Voila, a few test shots later and out come these crackers….




After the individual shots we collaborated blue and red, Ice versus Fire (photos below)! We tried loads of different poses trying to be as creative as we could, some which worked beautifully and others which were just, well, awkward! It was a brilliant, fun photo-shoot and a great team of people to work with. Check them out below…

Models: Myself and the lovely Sin-ling Law

Body Painter: Annie D Bodyart

Make Up Artist: Joanne Carmichael

Photographer: Claire Loftus of Aspect Photography Scotland

Location: Meow Studios, Edinburgh 




If you’re keen to work with any of the people involved in this shoot please do not hesitate to get in contact. All the details can be found through the above links.

Please note all photos are copyright of Aspect Photography Scotland and should not be taken, copied or modified without permission.


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