Cafe Amoré – Bristol

So if like me you have a sweet tooth (and by now a few fillings to go along with it) then this place will be right up your street. I went while visiting my friend down in Bristol. She said she’s been coming here since she was a kid and it’s one of those places filled with charm and that thankfully is still standing. Check it out, Cafe Amoré;
As much as I love the decor, my favourite part was the counter on the left hand side as you walk in. It was filled with the most amazing looking cakes and pastries which by the look of them are made freshly daily. Mmmmmmm.





All the delicious cakes made it an incredibly hard choice! I was humming and hawing for ageees until I finally picked out the one I wanted. The white chocolate gateau was a bit of a surprise as to what it was going to be like inside and was beautifully put together. Add on a cozy hot chocolate and I was sorted! The perfect accompaniment to a good old catch up and girly gossip!!


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