Victoria’s Secret 2013 Fashion Show – Part 3 Extras

I have had the most fun researching these Victoria’s Secret blog posts (check out the sidebar for parts 1 and 2). Initially I was awestruck by the outfits that I came across on Pinterest, but that was taken to a whole new level when I started looking into the outfits, the girls, the fashion show and finally the intricacies that went into making it all happen.

I have so much admiration for these girls, the Victoria’s Secret Angels. They have to train so hard to look as good as they do on that runway. But what I love most is that they’re not stick thin, unhealthy or sullen faced. The Angels absolutely rock it. They have amazing figures, eat well and show a cheeky hint of their own personality during the fashion show (if you’ve not seen it, you can watch the highlights here).

British Invasion

As part of a promotion for Victoria’s Secret, the Angels brought out their own video’s of how they workout and get runway ready with tips from their own personal trainers. Check it out;

The Angels even made up their own Spotify Playlist of their favourite songs for you to work-out to, listen here.

Next up I want to show you a little more of the outfits, but lets quickly have a look at hair and make-up…


The Royal Fantasy Bra


First on stage we had the Royal Fantasy Bra. Made of yellow, blue and pink Sapphires, the piece incorporated 4,200 gemstones with a beautiful Ruby as the centre piece and is worth a massive $10 million dollars. Thats insane!!!


wings, wings, wings!

Victoria’s Secret are renowned for their stunning display of wings. And boy do they do a good job! Have a look at the video below for a behind the scenes sneak peak at the outfit making;

There’s three videos in the series, that one is actually the second clip but here are links to the first and third videos of the creating of the collection.

My favourite section of the show was the Snow Angels, have a look at their costumes and keep your eyes peeled for the snowflake corset which was made using a 3D printer.




Also check out the Birds of Paradise shoes used in the show!!!

Funnily enough not the only shoes I had my eyes set on. Taylor swift and the snow angels were rocking some beautiful pairs, not to mention her dress!


And to finish off the post I’ll leave you with this clip of the Angels lip syncing to Taylor Swift, Enjoy!

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