10 Editorials I would LOVE to feature in

1 – In a beautiful dress by the Mediterranean

2- Casually leaning on intricately carved pillars looking fabulous20140316-115033.jpg

3- Standing in the misty woods with a horse20140316-115040.jpg

4- Wearing this dress ANYWHERE in the world,
but by the Eiffel Tower would be incredible

5- Playing in a studio with a tribal headdress on20140316-115055.jpg

6- It’s a black tutu dress what more can I say!20140316-115104.jpg

7- Running through the woods with a beautiful floaty dress trailing behind me20140316-115110.jpg

8- A studio, a stool, some props and a sense of fun20140316-115116.jpg

9- Looking like a princess in Versailles Palace. If only!20140316-115122.jpg

10- Being in a shoot for Victoria’s Secret and wearing the world famous Angel’s Wings


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